BrainArt Story

This MRI-generated artwork came from my early childhood brain fascination. I always wanted to better understand its functions and possibilities, and still stay amazed by the it’s beauty, organization, structure, reflecting the universe’s organization, for it is the center of all knowledge, emotions, memories, behavior and creations.

As I studied radiology, physics and neurosciences, I became even more intrigued by the connections of white matter fibers that create limbic bundles within the brain. The limbic system is the part of the brain that supports emotion, behavior, motivation, long-term memory and sense of smell – part of the ‘unconscious’ or ‘instinctive’ freeways of the brain. It is the center of humans’ emotional lives and is critical in the formation of memories.

I’ve been creating artistic renderings from MRI images for 15 years. In my images and videos, I wanted to render the analogy existing between the brain and the Sacred Architecture of Ancient Egypt, as I always was also fascinated by Antique Egypt.

The limbic system refers to Man’s Inner Temple, the “Unconscious”, where behavior, emotions, memory are processed. And when you’re analyzing the unconscious, you have wider access to the brain and your behavior.

These BrainArt creations are intended to promote the power of our unconscious and the power of our emotions, and beneath all these, to promote the message that our unconscious may often fool ourselves. We have to be aware of that to behave appropriately.

Have fun 🙂

Denis Ducreux @BrainBundles, November 2018

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